Autumn Leaves

“A journey in music”, a project that brings together music with images.
Inspired by the concept of synesthesia.

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A synesthesia between music and photography.

Music: Umberto Ceccon
Photography: Giuseppe Chiauzzi
Jam Origin Midi Guitar
Logic Pro
Canon 6D

All photos and music are copyright of Ajourneyinmusic

Two Lovers

This is the cover of our project that brings together music with images, inspired by the concept of synesthesia.
Enjoy this video with a single image and a relaxing guitar sound. The music is written thinking about the feelings inspired by the picture.


With a picture can tell a lot of stories. because there are multiple perceptions. With this wonderful photo by Giuseppe Chiauzzi, the man in front of the created so small, weak, alone, and at the same time able to modify the environment at will. Set to music that was not difficult, everything was already there. These notes only for this the rest of the song in the video.
Many thanks to our friend photographer Valter Joannas that is the man under the waterfall in this picture (