Our Vision

“A journey in music”, a project that brings together music with images.

Inspired by the concept of synesthesia, from the Ancient Greek σύν syn, “together”, and αἴσθησις aisthēsis, “sensation“), a neurological phenomenon, in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic and involuntary experiences bridging a second sensory or cognitive pathway. 

As Pythagoras associated numbers to sounds, Aristotle taste to color, Duke Ellington colors to notes, Proust emotions to colors and flavors,  continuing on with Dante, Shakespeare, Vivaldi, Debussy to jazz; we embrace the same concept with our music, we celebrate the union of the senses.

It seems like everything needing to be said has been said. Perhaps there is more to see than what we think.

As a musician and composer I’ve always conceived music as a complex visual form of art. In the process of listening, waiting for the right note, the sound to me turns first into colors then moves into a shape that finally pervades the whole body engaging different perceptions. Every one can achieve this if only present in the moment of once life.

Feeling is life.

Giuseppe photography and my music meet to indulge into synesthesia as imprint of our work. Giuseppe’s photos turn into music as my music turns into images.

Our work together melts providing to the viewer and listener a full experience of our able message: a journey in music.  With our work we pay a tribute to nature true to our passion and personal experience hoping you will love to take a journey with us.

Umberto Ceccon

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